Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the key element to attain sustainable growth. Here at Mios Gastronomy Group Sdn. Bhd. we strive to do our utmost to strike a meaningful
balance in business and giving back to society.

Being an SME we believe that CSR is one of the important parts that we need to take care of as we pursue in profits and expansion of our operations, we remain vigilant of the
social and environmental impact of our actions.

With hopes that with our little contributions it will give greater impact to the community at large.


Infaq is an Arabic word meaning spending, disbursement, without asking for any favour or hoping for a return.

MIOS INFAQ is an effort undertaken to help those in need. MIOS GASTRONOMY GROUP will distribute food to organizations such as Tahfiz Schools, orphanage homes and
mosques on a monthly basis to about 100-500 people.

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